Creator Elouise Quigan

Elouise Quigan is an ex ad-exec with 20 years of creating engaging communication experiences for brands, retail businesses and non-profits.

Inspired to write and create "It would really help me if you..." after her own experiences as a new parent, Elouise had this to say when talking about her creation and innovation process.

"Recognising that my own mental health was increasingly fragile, and finding it difficult to talk about - I wanted to create something to help other parents. To encourage conversations. To help find more support. To provide a way to call in the troops when it gets too much.

Elouise with her two babies, just 15 months apart

(Elouise Quigan with her two little babies, born just 15 months apart)

But most importantly, a way for people to share their day-to-day. Their moment by moment. In a form of acceptance - and sharing a truth as a way forward.

A great example of this is frustration. Having a baby can be unbelievably frustrating sometimes! A nappy change required the moment you’ve strapped everyone in, are ready to go, and you’re going to be on time for a change.

An attempt at solids, this wonderful meal you’ve painstakingly cooked from scratch, waited to cool then blitzed, lovingly, patiently pouring into tiny icecube trays only for it to be on you, the floor, the highchair, all over the baby - with nothing in them. They usually smirk at you smugly, just to add insult to injury.

And there’s wonderful moments too - more than milestones, moments that are at times funny - that time I snapped a pic which we all know as “Eyebrows” where you can see nothing but these stark, dark caterpillars framing both of our faces.

Elouise and her first baby with matching eyebrows

(Elouise Quigan and "Eyebrows")

Or when you sneak up to the cot hearing murmurs, snuffles and cries - and everything stops when you pop your head up and you see a humongous smile as big and bright as the sun break out, erasing stress and frustration and warming your soul right through to your toes in one fell swoop.

I remember saying once if I could bottle the sound of baby giggles I’d be a bajillionaire.

My first graphic I drew was “Absolutely frazzled”- thinking of my constantly wired, too much coffee, not enough sleep feeling. 

And then everything poured out.

The process has been unbelievably cathartic. What has been most interesting as I’ve worked to launch this is conversations with people, and what sticks in their mind as feelings and experiences - “I feel judged”, and “I just want to be able to go to the toilet on my own”.

The flip interaction was designed to create something quick and easy to use, and so simple you get it the moment you see it. And of course, right at the back of the flip book, how to call in for more help if some of the more difficult feelings are lasting beyond a day or two."


We look forward to the next books in the "It would really help me if you..." series focusing on helping older children work through their emotions and encourage ways to keep families communicating.